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Welcome to A Village Realty! A community minded site, presenting many unique and mindful products and ideas to enrich your life while bringing about a more passive & sustainable way of living.

I would like to address a few questions that are very often asked of me.

How do I find a good contractor, a good design for a passive and sustainable home, great materials to build my home with, while also being mindful of our earth?

Kristy Lynn Carr, “A Village Realty” LLC can be your guide to find these answers. I’ve been shopping around, asking these questions and meeting people, gardeners-landscapers, solar installers, contractors and resourceful individuals who are like minded, moving towards the building of greener homes for the future with like minded professionals and will be sharing my resources with you.

“A Village Reality” is all about forming a Global community, like in the olden days when neighbors helped neighbors. I will be building a spec home that demonstrates passive & sustainable home building. This home will be a model home to show how this “Village” Vision can be attained for you too. I will also be offering available lots on The North Front Range of Colorado to build on.

Could you tell us about yourself, how you became interested in this work?

I’m Kris Carr, a 62 year old gentleman that has chosen to assist all with Clean Water, Healthy Food, Safe Shelter & Loving Care.

I started out drawing rooms to live in when I was 5 years old. I had spent the first 11 years of my life assisting my grandmother in her garden and around the yard.

The following 15 years I assisted my dad build & sell his small town Chevrolet Dealership in Iowa, assisting in all of the departments.

Afterwards I assisted other automobile dealers in 5 states to build and sell their automobile stores for the following 20 years. This brought me to Denver, CO., where I worked for the last 11 years of my 35 year retail automotive career.

Then, I moved back to Iowa for the next 6 years to assist my mother with our 50 year old family ranch house, with a walk out basement.

The next 7 years I assisted my youngest son renovating houses on The North Front Range of Colorado.

For the last 2 years I have assisted in the kitchen & with landscaping @ The Manna Cafe-The River Church. During this time I also assisted Calvary Relief rebuild flood homes in Lyons, CO..

Many people know about your wonderful weight loss, as a motivational speaker can you tell us more on that note?

The first of 2005, at 50 years of age with a 5’ 7” frame, I found myself @ 285 pounds. I had worked 35 years in the retail automotive business and hadn’t had the time to take care of myself properly.

At that time, I started changing the food that I was eating to healthier foods choices.

I was able to get down to 185 pounds, a hundred pound loss! Only to go back up to 265 pounds.

Back to healthier food choices, which meant mote funds and exercising.

Well all the way down to 145 pounds. At this time I was loosing muscle control and feeling weak.

Well up to 235 pounds this time. OK, back to spending more funds on the best healthy foods choices and more exercising.

I had just got under 200 pounds when a retired, mid west school teacher-farmer, friend of mine took me to a Forks Over Knives presentation. This was a vegetarian-no meat, a vegan-plus no dairy and a Forks Over Knives-plus no salt, sugar, caffeine, tobacco or alcohol.

I then adjusted my health to a Forks Over Knives-A Better Way of Living life. This time I was able to get all the way down to 135-140. Since I’ve been able to maintain this weight.

Forks Over Knives is, a healthier way of living and existing with our animal friends.

Blessings, Kris Carr

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